Fibromyalgia- FREE talk and food testing on powerful, natural ways to help.

November 20, 2017

Over the years we have treated an increasing number of clients suffering with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia.

The symptoms we have witnessed have been so much more than just excruciating pain and soreness. Clients report of incredible, depilitating stiffness, insomina, lethargy, restless legs, brain fog, intense sugar cravings, depression, weight issues. And sadly, so much more.

As Health Practitioners our objective is to treat the client holistically-as a ‘whole person’.

This means that  we take a thorough assessment of the client to appreciate the circumstances leading up to their condition. We look at their medical history, emotional profiles, traumas, lifestyle, food and fluid intake.We determine the levels of toxicity in their body and how efficient our client’s body is in both elimination and absorption and determine vitamin and mineral deficiencies in addition to food sensitivity testing.

The ending results (normally clients notice positive changes within 2 weeks) are rather astonishing and life transformational.

Common findings are;

*Increase in energy and optimism

*Drastic reduction in pain and tenderness

*Calmness and clearer thinking

*More mobility and flexibilty

Our hearts literally EXPLODE when we see such beautiful transformations- especially when so swiftly and naturally.

We LOVE helping people at Health’s Angels and this is why we are doing a FREE talk on natural ways to help Fibromyalgia. It will include free food testing, a lifestyle analysis and a non-invasive Thermographic, digestive scan.

Please do share this to anyone that may be interested.

When is the talk? November 29th 10am-12pm

Where? Health’s Angels Clinic -Bexley, Kent.

Call us now to book you place 01322 555600 or email on

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