Our Students

Over the many years we have been teaching Students at Health’s Angels we are always excited at the diversity of people that come onto our courses.

Many of our students are clients of our clinic whom have been so amazed at their health transformations that they want to learn how to use these skills also.

We are also very blessed to receive many students via ‘word of mouth’

Others include;

  • Business professionals looking for a career change
  • Retired people looking for an interesting skill
  • Mums & Dads looking for a natural way to help their children and generate an income
  • School leavers looking for an introduction to healthcare
  • Qualified healthcare practitioners looking for a new skill set to add to their repetorie.
  • Our  courses have included Paul a Black Cab Driver,  Michelle a District Nurse and  Samuel a Plumber.

We have taught many Reflexologists, Homeopaths, Acupuncturists, Massage therapists and Nutritionists and even GP’s. It has been so rewarding to witness their success in expanding their business and client base giving even more high calibre treatment protocols to their clients.

Whether you are completely new to healthcare or an existing Therapist you will LOVE our dynamic Kinesiology training courses.

Here you can read Anya’s story in full … and if you scroll to the bottom of the page you will also see some other student testamonials ;

Name: Anya Lukover
Age: 32
Marital Status: Living with partner
Current Occupation: TV Advertising

How did you find out about the training?
I found out about Vanessa’s Kinesiology training after doing a Google search. Health’s Angels is just down the road from me, so I booked a place on the foundation course in September 2012 after getting all the information from the website.

Why did you decide to do it?
I started having Kinesiology treatments because I had been diagnosed with M.E and chronic fatigue, and as soon as I had my first muscle test I was hooked. I remember thinking I need to know how to do this, not only to help myself but to help other people as well. It was the most empowering treatment I had ever had for my condition because it made me feel I was in the driving seat.

When you did your training with Vanessa, what was the experience like?
On the first day I was so nervous and I had lots of doubts, in fact thinking about it now makes me quite emotional, but as soon as Vanessa opened the door (I had never met her before) I felt completely at home and I knew I was in the right place.

What were the other people like on the course?
It was so odd because although we were all from different backgrounds and we all had different reasons for being there, we all became instant friends with a natural bond. In fact I am still in regular contact with some of those people.

What was your favourite part of the training?
I loved doing my first muscle test because up until that point I had been the client, as soon as I got to actually do some practical Kinesiology I felt like a practitioner who had the potential to help make a difference to the lives of other people.

How have you used your training so far?
I do have a very busy full time job working in TV advertising but I have managed to build up a sizable number of Kinesiology clients who I see outside of my main working hours as well. It is also lovely to use Kinesiology with my friends and family, for example a few years ago I was privileged enough to be able to support a friend through her IVF journey using the tools I learned with Vanessa. I actually felt as if I could offer her more than my words and her story (of which I was a very small part) had a wonderfully happy ending because she now has twins!

Would you recommend the training you’ve done to other people?
100% … especially with Vanessa … her enthusiasm, knowledge and her unique sense of humour is infectious.

Since doing the foundation training, you have gone on to do the practitioner training and you will soon be studying for your diploma … what do you see yourself doing with your knowledge of Kinesiology in the future?
Well, my partner Sami (a plumber) thought I was mad for wanting to explore Kinesiology but after his first muscle test, he was bitten by the bug too and has now also trained to practitioner level. We will be starting our diploma together this year. Then our plan is to buy a new home and a build a clinic where we can practice together.



After completing the ‘Foundation in Systematic Kinesiology’ Levels 1-6 with Health’s Angels T.A.S.K course  back in March 2017, I would thoroughly recommend this course as an add on, to any therapist who wants to broaden their knowledge and repertoire, or to use it as a springboard to becoming a fully professional Systematic Kinesiologist.

Vanessa brings the ‘fun’ back into learning and is truly passionate and knowledgeable about her subject matter. From a male therapist’s perspective I learned more about ‘Women’s Health Issues’ than any previous courses and now feel much more confident that I can offer my ever increasing  number of female clients a much more informed consultation than I would previously have been able to, or for that matter comfortable to. As well as giving me a much deeper understanding of how all the body’s systems fit together and support the balance of the general health of the population mentally, physically, chemically and emotionally.

I actually really miss our weekend workshops since the course has finished!

Systematic Kinesiology draws from a broad spectrum of information and brings it  together under one umbrella, and at some point in the future I would love to go on and do the Practitioners Level with T.A.S.K.

In the meantime I am putting my new found knowledge into practise in Alan Smith’s( Applied Kinesiologist) clinic in East Grinstead on Friday’s.

Chris Mowen: Soft Tissue Therapist -Dip Sports and Remedial Massage ISRM


I studied on the Bexley based Kinesiology Foundation course in 2017, taught by Vanessa and cannot recommend it enough.  I am still astounded at all the skills I have learnt and amazed by the world of Kinesiology.  Vanessa’s knowledge and personal experience are without a doubt a massive factor of the success I had on the course- she is a fantastic teacher, approachable and knowledgeable and made all the students feel at ease and also helped to build our confidence.

Whilst on the course and since qualifying my life has really benefited from the skills and knowledge as has the life of my family, children and friends.

Thank you Vanessa for a fantastic 6 months, I am so excited about the next chapter of my life on the Practitioner’s course and my new career as a Complimentary Health Practitioner.

Alannah Essenhigh


Are you looking for change? Do you want to learn how to heal your body?  To empower yourself and assist your family into wellness? If yes then you have come to the right place.

Vanessa has been teaching Foundation Systematic Kinesiology for many, many years  and is a fabulous teacher.  Together with her vast ‘in-clinic’ knowledge and her bubbly personality the course is a joy.   You will learn tools and techniques that are life changing.  I was once told that if there was a Kinesiologist in every family then there wouldn’t be so many people waiting for NHS help, I whole heartedly believe that.

Vanessa is one of the amazing TASK Tutors.  TASK is the forefront of Systematic Kinesiology Training.  Who best to learn from the family that brought Systematic Kinesiology to the UK!

Vanessa taught me Foundation in 2013 and I was so inspired from Foundation that I went on to do not only Practitioner Level but Diploma as well.  If the dates allow I am always up for helping out, you never know, take the leap of faith and I may well see you there.

I am building up my own clinic in addition to doing volunteer work, which I love.  You can always check out my Facebook page @thewayesinfo

Carolyn Bradshaw


I recently studied my Kinesiology Foundation Level with Vanessa. She was very friendly and dynamic  but also very professional and approachable. She made the course so interesting with her vibrant personality and her experience and knowledge was remarkable. Over the 6 months of learning, there was a lot to absorb but she made it clear that she was there if I had any questions or wanted support and she was true to her word.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Vanessa  and our lovely group. Vanessa’s enthusiasm and passion for this subject is incredible. I am so happy with my new Kinesiology skills.

Debbie Jenner