October 8, 2019

Taking daily, high quality supplements to support our precious body’s system in today’s toxic world is paramount if we want to maintain a healthy mind and body.

As experienced Kinesiologists and Nutritional Therapists at Health’s Angels we use skilled muscle testing to determine nutritional deficiencies in your body which makes your treatment with us totally unique and bespoke.

You may even bring your own supplements and also foods you eat regularly as well as foods you suspect may be causing you problems and we can also test for all these either globally on the body or even against specific systems- that’s how accurate and amazing Systematic Kinesiology is! Many of our clients have been suffering for years with health issues from constipation to skin conditions and migraines.

Many times it is the deficiency of some minerals or a digestive enzyme that can rectify these health problems incredibly quickly.

Why we need supplements

We cannot obtain everything we need from our food. Today’s fruit and vegetables provide about 20-50% of the nutrients they provided 50 years ago. Pollution, genetic engineering, mineral-deficient soil, chemical fertilisers and pesticides, premature harvesting, transportation and storage all contribute to the further reduction of available vitamins and minerals in our food. Animals and fish are fed a diet of questionable quality and are pumped full of hormones and antibiotics, which we absorb when eating meat and fish. In addition, much of our diet consists of processed and refined foods, sorely lacking in nutrients.

As we age, we are less able to absorb and utilise the vitamins and minerals in our food. It is important, therefore, to supplement our diets with good quality, whole food vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Synthetic supplements are actually more stressful for the body than taking no supplements at all, as the body has to deal with the extra chemicals contained in the pills.

Kinesiology can help you work out what supplements you need to take. Using your muscles as an indicator, we can test to see which ones your body prefers, how many to take and for how long to take them. In our testing kits we house a multitude of different high end supplements including organic, vegan and ethically sourced plant based and glandular samples of many different brands.

To find out more or to book an appointment call me on 01322 555600 or email info@healths-angels.com

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