Kinesiology for kids

I absolutely love working with kids. Having worked with children in my sessions for over 2 decades I can now bring my skills and wisdom into their sessions to help them feel confident, happy and free again – the way childhood should be! I have a real passion for children’s wellbeing and uncovering patterns of imbalance and stress. Children can be very sensitive to the emotions of those around them. Our sessions together help to release these emotions and establish healthy boundaries and confidence.

Kinesiology for kids

so how does kinsiology work for kids?

Using muscle testing I will be able to pinpoint exact times of stress and release emotions and confusion from your child’s system, enabling your child to express their abundant energy and happy self.

Kinesiology can be performed either directly on the child or through a surrogate if the child is very young. Some issues that children bring to Kinesiology behavioural issues, eczema, asthma, learning-related issues such as dyspraxia and dyslexia, also, bed-wetting, attention deficit disorder and sleep problems.

Child may, in addition, be helped through techniques to relieve emotional stress and anxiety

Many children come for Kinesiology with these conditions:

– Behavioural problems/ADHD/Anger/Anxieties
– Skin conditions-eczema/rashes
– Food sensitivities/Allergies
– Viral infections
– Coughs/Colds
– Digestive Problems/Constipation/Flatulence
– Parasites
– Pet Allergies

what do our clients say?

The joynes family –

“My family and I started visiting Vanessa at Health Angels about 9 months ago and Kinesiology has helped us all immensely. Kinesiology has had a very positive impact on my health and well-being and my boys. I was a little sceptical to start with but it has had such positive impact on me I would recommend it to everyone.

I felt hormonally imbalanced. I was short tempered and irritable with my children, lacking energy all the time with difficulty sleeping and very dry skin. Over my time seeing Vanessa I feel much more balanced and calm, as a result I am much more tolerant and I am sleeping so well now. I am really happy and very content.

My 6 year old twin boys also started with Kinesiology. Luca since birth has suffered with his bowels and constipation and Zach with his breathing and sinus passages. They have both responded really well to the Kinesiology and do really well with Vanessa while she is doing the treatment. Both boys have made huge improvements with their health and they are both doing amazingly well and they are so healthy.

I would definitely recommend Kinesiology to help maintain a healthy mind and body and to keep you balanced as well as give you an all round sense of well being”.