Health’s Angels

Health’s Angels offer fully accredited training courses in Foundation Systematic Kinesiology in addition to bespoke workshops and small intensive courses to fast track.

Health’s Angels was established in 1999 by Founder Vanessa O’Sullivan and in addition to being a Kinesiology training school it is also a thriving natural health clinic in Kent on the South East London borders.

Our  courses are TASK affiliated which is the longest running and established Kinesiology school in the UK.

These dynamic techniques and unrivalled training courses were  founded by Brian Butler who was the first to introduce Kinesiology to the U.K.

Your Tutor, Vanessa O’Sullivan is also an accredited Tutor for TASK for both Practitioner and Diploma courses.

Our courses are also registered with ASK, The Association of Systematic Kinesiology- the Governing body for courses, schools and tutors.


Why train with Health’s Angels?

We would love you to share your Kinesiology learning journey with Health’s Angels Kinesiology Training School

Here are just a few reasons why we are confident you will flourish and enjoy our comprehensive and fun Systematic Kinesiology courses in Kent/South East London;

  • Our courses are led by a highly skilled and richly experienced Tutor with additional helpers on select modules who have a wealth of tutoring experience in Kinesiology and natural health as well as extensive clinical practice experience that gives more depth and insight into their tutoring.
  • Classes are kept small to ensure personal attention and in-depth exploration of the subject. The syllabus is comprehensive and thorough, the pace is varied with a good mix of hands on practice and an atmosphere that aims to be relaxed and down to earth and fun.
  • Our Courses are TASK ACCREDITED (The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology) and registered with ASK (The Association of Systematic Kinesiology) giving kudos and credibility.
  • Most of our Students go onto enjoy a successful career in SK (Systematic Kinesiology).
  • Students enjoy additional material as part of their foundation course prospectus to support them and give them more clinic practice tools.
  • The foundations of this established training school is a successful and thriving natural health care practise.  Established in 1999 they have treated holistically thousands of  clients over the last two decades. These real life and powerful therapy experiences,  lends itself to dynamic real life testimonials that are shared with our students,  giving them deeper understandings of how to approach each client’s needs in a compassionate and bespoke way.
  • Your Tutor is deeply passionate about Kinesiology which is reflected in her fun and varied teaching methods. Vanessa is also an Accredited Tutor with TASK and lectures on both the Practitioner and Diploma Levels in TASK Courses in London.