Foundation Training courses

Welcome to Health’s Angels Accredited Systematic Kinesiology Training School

Our courses are led by Founder, Vanessa O’Sullivan who is a highly skilled and richly experienced Kinesiologist and Tutor with over 18 years experience in complementary  health and in addition is an Accredited Kinesiology Tutor for TASK.

Kinesiology is one of the fastest growing fields in natural health therapies and now YOU have the opportunity to learn how to do it on one of our fully accredited Kinesiology training courses … for yourself, for friends and family and even if you choose to become a Practitioner as well as for your own clients in your own practice!

Health’s Angels Systematic Kinesiology Foundation courses are fully accredited by The Association of Systematic Kinesiology (ASK) and are made up of 6 modules (each module lasts 2 days) completed over a 6 month period and are ideal for everyone, from the lay person who would like to learn simple yet powerful techniques to improve their own health, to practitioners working in other areas of healthcare who would like to enhance existing skills.

We also offer Intensive private courses if you wish to complete the course quicker and fast track. This is great for those living abroad or with weekend commitments and would prefer weekdays.

We run 2 courses a year typically February and October time.

Browse through the information tabs below to find out about the exciting skills and techniques that you could be learning …

Learn how to accurately muscle test –

  • Help for physical/ Mental Fatigue and alertness
  • Muscle Testing is a language – The amazing assessment tool
  • Emotional Stress Release – Emotional turmoil evaporates
  • Muscle Testing of eight muscles – Learn to test the digestive tract first
  • Preview of food testing – Learn to find what is best for you
  • Find energy drains – Learn how to fix them
  • The “Whole Person” approach – Truly Holistic Health care
  • X-Crawl for co-ordination – Improve brain power and memory
  • Lazy Eights & Writing – Improves creativity and writing
  • Dehydration Test – Pure water is vital to health
  • Psoas/Backache – Water can help backache too
  • Preview of supplementary tests – Find out about your deficiencies
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing – Helps give you more energy
  • Meridian Energies – Tunes up your energies
  • Ears as ariels for hearing energy – Retain more of what you hear
  • Visual Inhibition – See better, easier and clearer
  • Reading Issues/blocks – Resolve them and read better
  • Tests for foods best eaten or avoided
Tests for nutrition to help find vitamin and mineral needs
  • Pulse Synchronisation
The Seven Factors of the I.V.F.
  • How to relieve stress with adrenal support
  • How to improve your muscle testing technique for greater accuracy and consistency
  • Eight new muscle tests
  • How to surrogate test
  • Neuro-vascular points to enhance blood flow/circulation to organs
  • Neuro-lymphatic points to enhance lymph flow to specific muscles
  • How to relieve lumps, pain and congestion in the breast
  • How to dispel many fears and phobias
  • How to complete a full ‘wheel balance‘ treatment with the muscle tests learnt so far
  • How to use Kinesiology preventively
Six new muscle tests
  • How to unscramble confused energies
  • How to read excess energy with wrist pulses
  • How to use muscle testing to work on raising self-esteem
  • How to use muscle testing to make affirmations work better and faster
  • Pain dispersal with E.S.R to relieve pain naturally
  • The Emotional Tissue Memory Scanning Technique
  • The protein test
  • The mineral test
  • The healing power of baroque music
  • Gait energy balancing to improve walking and co-ordination
  • How to make lasting corrections with priority finger mode testing.
  • How to balance holistically
  • How to put all the information together
  • How to make balancing more effective
‘Figure of Eight’ energies
  • A powerful additional correction technique, often called ‘fixing in motion’
  • How to test for bi-lateral muscle weaknesses that can help correct:
    -neck problems
    -sciatic back pain, hips and the jaw
    -lumbar pain
  • Meridian flushing to revitalise energy flow
  • Left/right brain integration techniques to increase alertness and flexibility
  • Quick ways to relieve cramp pain
  • What to expect from the Practitioner Course (a small glimpse.)
  • Wrist muscle tests for RSI
  • Shoulder muscle tests
  • How to ground and calm using cloacal reflexes (first energies to form at conception)
  • Ankle, Achilles heel/ tendon balance
  • Your first introduction to the ICV (Ileo Caecal Valve)
  • Alarm points for over energy
  • Immune system muscle test
  • The benefits of digestive aids
  • Gall bladder and liver muscle tests
  • Tests for knee problems
Thymus gland test and thymus tapping
  • How to deal with hypertonic muscles
Tests for lung balance
New large intestine muscle test for lower back and bowel issues
New bladder muscle tests for bladder infections, cystitis, frequent urination, weak bladder, waking in night to urinate, stress incontinence, interruption of flow, small amounts of urine.

Dates for Foundation February 2022 – Bookings being taken now

Level 1: Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th February 2022 

Level 2: Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th March 2022 

Level 3: Saturday 30th April & Sunday 1st May 2022 

Level 4: Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd May 2022 

Level 5:  Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June 2022 

Level 6:  Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th July 2022 

 These dates will be held in Bexley Kent/South East London borders


Blackheath Complementary Health Centre

184-186 Westcombe Hill




A £395 deposit is all that is needed to make a confirmed booking. This will be deducted from your total payment for the option of your choice and is non-refundable.

The cost of our fully accredited Kinesiology Training is £1295 payable by a £395 non refundable deposit (due with your booking) followed by balancing payments of £150 (due at the start of every level.)
All prices are inclusive of:

  • Tutoring with ASK registered and TASK Accredited Tutor Vanessa O’Sullivan. Vanessa teaches both Foundation courses as well as TASK Practitioner and Diploma Courses and has over 15 years of extensive clinical, 1-2-1 Kinesiology therapy practice. This established experience in both thousands of hours of private SK treatments and many years of tutoring to Diploma level has given much depth, knowledge and insight into her teachings.
  • Kinesiology Professional Manuals Volumes 1&2,
  • Comprehensive boxed Nature’s Sunshine Test Kit (including over 60 vitamin and mineral samples and A-Z supplement suggestion guide)
  • Full nutritional and mineral testing kit from Cytoplan
  • Body Specific Kinesiology Magnet, Laser & light for body work
  • Bach Flower Remedy (full colour) poster and reference guide
  • Refreshments.
  • Certification on completion of course and case studies