January 12, 2018

 *Do you feel stuck in your current job or role and need new stimulation?

*Are you wanting to feel balanced, healthy and energised?

*Have you ever considered embarking in a new and rewarding career in natural health?

*Maybe you are a parent wanting to give your child the perfect start in life emotionally, nutritionally and educationally.

Our dynamic, weekend  Systematic Kinesiology Courses could be just what you are looking for….

 If you enjoy working with people and are interested in natural well-being, training to become a Therapist in Systematic Kinesiology  could open the door to a really worthwhile and fabulous future for you, your loved ones and potential clients.

I am so PASSIONATE about Kinesiology, not only giving the treatments themselves but I just adore teaching this magical and empowering therapy. I could literally cry sometimes with joy and  overwhelm (ok so I have shed the odd tear!) as the results in each technique are just spell binding.

Over the last decade I have taught many hundreds of students.

Most are looking for a career change, some just have a serious interest in natural health to help themselves and others, and we also teach existing Therapists who want to add to their skill sets.

Even if you struggled with learning at school we can give you the tools to learn this amazing therapy simply and with such fun.

Did you know you can train as a Foundation Kinesiology Therapist in just 6 weekends over 6 months and after this and completion of  your case studies and practice you can start earning…? (or you can continue your studies also which we support you on)

We also offer intensive, private 8 day workshops on request.



Curious to know more?

 7  reasons why you should join us on our next Kinesiology Taster evening;

  • You will find out more about Kinesiology
  • There will be an opportunity to experience Kinesiology first hand
  • Experience muscle testing and balancing before you commit to a class
  • You will see presentations and have an overview of what you will learn on the Foundation course
  • You can see if this may be a career path for you
  • Glimpse how the Foundation course could start your journey to becoming a fully qualified Kinesiologist or enhance your current modality by including muscle testing and Kinesiological techniques
  • Enjoy an informative and fun evening with like-minded people

Call us now on 01322 555600 to book your place .

Click below for more information on our courses.

Foundation Training Courses





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